To start with, Complete My Online Class is easy and straightforward. First, contact us and give information about your virtual course including the topic (example history) , the specific jobs that you require help with (such as tests or homework) and all important deadlines to fulfill.

After gathering all required pieces of information, our team is going to scrutinize your request and prepare a personalized offer according to what scope of work is considered. If you accept these terms, then we shall allocate an appropriate specialist in your field of study.

You may then breathe a sigh of relief as we delegate a professional to handle your online class assignments. They will pass all assignments and exams for you and make sure that everything is timely done. You will communicate directly with your assigned expert throughout the process so that you are always informed of the progress and able to ask appropriate questions.

We at Complete My Online Class emphasize on your academic success and uphold confidentiality of your personal information. We aim at offering smooth and effortless services leaving you with enough time to devote to other essential things as we tackle your online tasks of the course.

Certainly! We know that deadlines could be too hard to make it in time and that’s the reason you come to us at Complete My Online Class. We are in a position to lend a helping hand immediately when you have a test due last night.

Once you make a request for an urgent test, our team shall move fast to serve you. Our approach would be quick, as we will determine what kind of a test you need to take, and identify an available and skilled expert in that field.

The person hired for this task will work in total dedication and strive to do an outstanding job within the agreed period. The team members will deliver the right responses based on their knowledge and experience.

You should ensure everything is expedited by providing all the relevant information and access to test materials in order to have a smooth process. Our expert can immediately begin working with this, as it will allow them to fully utilize the given time for completing the test.

That is why at Complete My Online Class you always succeed academically because time is of utmost importance in our work. No worries, we will try our best to make it through this test together and bring success into your life.

In this regard, I would emphasize reaching to us at the earliest time possible in order to give our group enough time when acting on your behalf.

We are dedicated to providing fairly and transparently priced services at Complete My Online Class. However, the pricing involves many parameters that are considered with respect to the course scope and complexity.


For instance, among the crucial elements that determine price include, an online class topic, the specific tasks one intends to seek help for example in an exam, an assignment or a discussion board, the number of the assignments and any due date.


In this regard, we require further details regarding your online class so that we can give you a true estimate. Be sure to indicate particular subjects, the tasks assigned to these or any deadlines that apply.

Upon receipt of all required information, our team will evaluate the specific demands and present you with an individual quote depicting the extent of effort involved. Our goal, as such, is to provide attractive prices while remunerating fairly the professionals, who are committed and knowledgeable.

Kindly take note that our prices can vary according to the specific needs of your e-class. We offer honest and open pricing and ensure that you fully understand the cost for your investment before making any commitments.

Our vision at Complete My Online Class is to deliver uncompromised online course help to facilitate your success in academia.

YES! For every week starting with week#1 to final week, we’ll support you on any assignment such as discussion post, student response, quiz, assignment, homework, assessment, project and so forth. From start to finish someone will be handling anything that you had in the course wherein you got registered.

Certainly, Complete My Online Class presents the ‘Entire Course’ all inclusive package. We have also got another option if you need help not only for one task but for the whole online course – this is a personalized program which involves taking courses, exams, writing assignments, etc.

With this in mind, our ‘Entire Course’ packaged deal delivers all the benefits of a comprehensive support system that will cover you right from your startup to graduation. If you choose this package, you will enjoy that we do everything in relation to your course and our team of experts will ensure continuity of good quality and timeliness.

However, in order for us to design an exclusive ‘Entire Course’ package tailored specifically for your individual needs, it is highly recommended that you provide us with information about your entire course. We will examine the requirements, evaluate the load, and present to you a competitive quotation in accordance with the amount of work involved.

Our ‘Entire Course’ package deal will enable you to handle other crucial commitments and priorities, taking charge of your online courses-this is aimed at helping you attain your dream academic achievement.

However, logging into our services at Complete My Online Class does not reveal this information to the school as it is aware of your location at another IP address. We give priority to your privacy, making sure it is always maintained.

Upon engaging with us, your online activities remain confidential by use of safe and encrypted links and connections. Our crew has interacted or partnered with numerous e-learning sites and knows what safety measures must be taken to safeguard your confidentiality.

It is normal to see students changing their IP addresses when logging into online courses particularly when they travel or move from one device to another. IP address tracking specifically by the school to be able to determine who sent what is highly unlikely.

I must emphasize that at every stage of our work, we observe your privacy/anonymity. Our services are designed to offer hassle-free support to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of our clients thus they do not have to worry about being detected with their IP address during examination.

However, the particular course you are taking as well as lecture notes from your instructor could make purchasing textbooks necessary. In certain instances, textbooks might become necessary when it comes to taking part in examinations or submitting a task. If you need textbooks for your course, check the syllabus at Complete My Online Class, or consult with a teacher. 

We will assist you in exploring the content of your textbooks and provide necessary guidance for better comprehension of the same. Our specialists in this field are well acquainted with numerous academic subjects and also recommended textbooks for online courses.

Plus, if you do not want to buy textbooks for some reasons such as cost considerations or others, we could locate many more resources as well as sources of reference towards facilitating your e-learning and ensuring success.

Kindly take note that the cost of textbooks is not part of our service charges. If you choose to buy your books, that would be something over and above what we offer.

In general, it would be reasonable to take a look at your course specifications and consult your lecturer about whether having textbooks in your online class is really important.